A(nother) new phase

I’ve read a lot about people who, when faced with a life-changing illness like cancer, immediately start to blog about their experiences.  I can understand that, I really can.  But it wasn’t me.

To be honest, when I was diagnosed with lung cancer it didn’t even cross my mind to turn on the computer and start telling perfect strangers how I felt.  That’s probably a good thing because I didn’t know how I was feeling.

From the first diagnosis, through surgery and on to recovery I don’t remember there being any real choices, or chances to slow down the ‘C’-train and take stock of what was going on.

Six years on, I’m starting to feel like I might occasionally have something to say that could help others who find themselves in a similar situation to mine.  I started with a Facebook page last year, but the more I’ve posted the less it’s suited, so it was time to move to the dreaded ‘blog’.  And here it is!

So, welcome to another new phase of me nattering in to the void.

There will be quiet periods, and when I sign up for my next adventure there’ll be a fair bit of fundraising… but hopefully some of the things you read here might be of interest.

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