Glasgow Lung Cancer Information Day (04/09/18)

I went to the Glasgow Lung Cancer Information Day yesterday, hosted by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. I wasn’t sure what to expect. After seven years, I can still find myself overwhelmed by memories or my imagination… but I came away feeling incredibly positive.

All of the speakers (including Dr Joe, who I haven’t seen since he had the dubious pleasure of diagnosing my lung cancer back in 2011) were eloquent and passionate and very enthusiastic about the advances in their fields in recent years. It was amazing to hear how far drug and radiotherapy treatments have come.

As somebody who has a 6″ scar on my back from the thoracotomy they did to remove half my lung (a small price to pay), I was fascinated to learn that around 70% of surgeries for lung cancer are now keyhole. What a difference that must make for patients!

There’s still a long way to go. But things are improving all the time.

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