To all the Jans on #InternationalNursesDay, Thank You!

Today is International Nurses Day, which for me means a day spent thinking about Jan.

If you’ve followed me on facebook for the last few years you’ll likely know that Jan was the Clinical Nurse Specialist who was on my care team back in 2011 during my treatment, and for several years afterwards when I went back to the hospital for regular checkups.

Clinical Nurse Specialists like Jan do so many vital things for their patients, many that they will never know about. For me the most vital was to be the calm and patient voice making sure that I understood everything that was happening, and reassuring me when I’d pick up the phone and call in a panic, unable to keep my imagination under control any longer.

So on this #InternationalNursesDay, and on every other day, a huge thank you to Jan and all of the other nurses who work tirelessly for their patients.  And to you in particular Jan, I hope that you’re having a truly excellent retirement… you deserve it.

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