Conquering a demon

I had a really nice training ride this morning.  Since it was probably the last (except for commuting to work) before Etape Caledonia next weekend I thought that it’s probably a little late to worry if my legs have it in them to get me around all 85 miles.  Instead I decided to conquer a demon that the ride around Loch Ness put in my head a few weeks ago – the climb up Schiehallion.

Fortunately there’s a hill not far from here which goes up quite a bit, so I gave it a go.  Last time I tried cycled up this hill was during Pedal for Scotland’s Big Belter a couple of years ago in the rain with the wind gusting at 60mph.  It was much more pleasant in the sunshine today and I’m feeling a whole lot better about Schiehallion.

Here’s hoping for similar weather in Pitlochry next week! 🙂

Looking back on Galston

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